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Designed to help you on your journey... because now that you've read our stories, it's time for yours to begin.

The Intentional Gap Year

It's time to discover your post-high school options. A three month 'build-your-own-adventure' program for young people exploring your possibilities and meeting new people.

Beta program is launching in NSW, Australia, from December 2021 to February 2022!

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The Constant Student Community

The Constant Student Community

An online community which helps you discover the people, projects and skills to thrive in an ever uncertain future. Just like the authors of the book, come together to connect, learn and begin your own real-life projects with new like-minded people.

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Created by Joe Wehbe and Scott McKeon.

Write Your Own Story! (9th Author Challenge)

"Most people are bad at taking the stories and advice of others and adapting them to their own journey."

Writing your own story and reflecting on what you learnt from the book is the best path going forward.

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The Driven Young Podcast - Byron Dempsey

Educating young people about all the things they don’t learn at school

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How Did You Do It? - Gabriella Monardo (and Georgia Park)

Often chatting to people doing cool things... always asking how

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With Joe Wehbe Podcast - Joe Wehbe

A daily podcast that guides you on the journey from a socialised mind to aself-authored mind - because to write your own journey you must first write your own thoughts.

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How we made the Book!

Here is a detailed breakdown of how we made the book! Breaking down each step of this self-directed learning project including: 

  • How we came up with the idea
  • Why we came up with the idea
  • Where we found the authors
  • Details on the retreat we ran to bring
    everyone together,
  • How we wrote version 1 of our chapters in
    38 days, and tips on writing process.
  • The editing process
  • Costs and budgeting
  • Marketing
  • Our biggest lessons on writing, working
    with people, self-directed learning and
    human nature

Plus how you can set up your own project like 18 & Lost!

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