Joe Wehbe

Joe Wehbe

Joe is the Co-Founder of The Constant Student Community and host of the With Joe Wehbe podcast. His work focuses on self-awareness, alternative education and unconventional career paths.

Check out everything from Joe's website, podcast, and the Constant Student here.

Scott McKeon

Scott McKeon is the Co-Founder of TheConstant Student and Aussie tech startup Espresso Displays. His university story in the book shows how to make the most of your opportunities to forge your journey.

He is highly engaged in accelerating the Future of Work and the Future of Education - which becomes more and more important in our world of accelerating change.

Byron Dempsey

Byron runs the Driven Young Podcast, where he is educating and inspiring the next generation to learn practical life skills. Byron has interviewed a stack of incredible guests and unpacked their expertise in areas like business, personal development, dating and sexual abuse. Follow his journey here.

Tylah McConnell

Tylah McConnell is a midwife by trade who also offers consulting to expectant mothers and couples through her own business. She has made frequent media appearances with her line of work, being featured on podcasts and even a reality TV show.

Tylah's Instagram, and her Midwifery dedicated Instagram,
Her midwifery website and her TikTok.

Joshua Hodge

Josh studied a business and commerce degree before later switching to a focus on HR. He shares a very honest and touching account of his post-school experience in the book, and is now working on the Shed.

Gabriella Monardo

The youngest of the authors, aged just 18 at the time of publishing! Gabby studies law, has worked in a fintech startup and launched her own podcast called How Did You Do It? all within 12 months of leaving high school.

Marvin Glass

Marvin Glass, the group's big ball of energy, has a background in coaching and videography, after studying an engineering degree. To paraphrase one of his co-authors, "Marvin has the ability to call people out of their loops and limiting ways of thinking". He is particularly active on Instagram.

Jordan Jensen

Jordan Jensen

Law school dropout, Co-Founder of a mental well-being company, Ski Tour guide in Japan, Co-Owner of a kite school & adventure sport company in Nelson Bay, and a Director of a Men's Health Charity in Newcastle. "Diverse" struggles to encapsulate Jordan's wild ride of a career after leaving school... and that doesn't come close to his love life.

Entertaining, and with a life trajectory which will keep you guessing and inspired at the same time you can follow Jordan on Instagram.

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