18 & Lost? So Were We

nine stories show there's no perfect path after high school
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The years after high school are difficult to navigate – now more than ever.

Young people now are more overwhelmed than ever before by the incredible array of options they are presented with, but leave high school unprepared to navigate what comes after.

18 & Lost? So Were We brings together nine everyday young people to share their stories of life after high school.

Not millionaires. Not 'ultra-successful' people. Not people who have all the 'answers'.

People like you – who not so long ago, sat where you sit now and were, in some way, lost too. Together, our stories try to show you that there is no perfect path after high school.
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Love for 18 & Lost? So Were We

"The big lie is that people have figured out their future. In this powerful and honest book, you'll discover that it's a journey, not a plan, and that you can lean into the possibilities that lie ahead. Essential reading for anyone in high school (and their parents)."

Seth Godin, Author of Stop Stealing Dreams

""No two post-school journeys are the same and it’s not a linear path like we’re led to believe. If you don’t have it all figured out, this book is for you. It assembles eight powerful voices to convey such an important message for a pivotal moment in our lives.""

Will Stubley, CEO of Year13

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"A few weeks ago, I read the introduction to the book '18 and lost'. Just by reading the introduction, I knew it's going to be an interesting book. I ordered it online, and I'm so excited to read it.

I even put it on my Snapchat story, telling people to order it and what the book is about because I think it's a book all teenagers should read. I hope this book can help me because I'm in the stage where I'm about to start year 12 and ill be 18 next year, so it's the most challenging year, and lots of things will be going on, and it can help me the following years as I enter uni.

Please keep doing what you're doing because I know many people will take this book and learn a lot more about themselves. As well as feel like they can do anything they put their mindset towards."
Bella – 17, Melbourne Australia

What are people saying about 18 & Lost? 

Matt – 28, Sydney Australia
“If you’ve been pooping incorrectly your whole life, what else have you been doing wrong?” — Joe Wehbe.

It begins with an existential crisis about how one sits on the loo, and by the end of the book, you'll have purged your fears (down the toilet) and be armed with the necessary tools to navigate your (life) ship.

Raising concepts like interest-mapping, the Audience of None, and the Thousand Doors, 18 & Lost offers anecdotal lessons (from authors who’ve experienced the growing pains and uncertainty and learnt from them).

Readers of all ages will benefit from this book (and not just school-leavers as the title may suggest).
Interestingly, the common themes that universally appear across each author’s story are the importance of action, following one’s passions and listening to what one’s body (and heart) desire.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who come alive.” — Howard Thurman.

18 & Lost is a pleasurable and insightful text, which I’d highly recommend. I found myself dog-earing and voraciously highlighting many parts of it (and It’s given me plenty of things to ponder and incorporate in my own life moving forward).